9 Rules Make You The Superstar Employee

Be a Superstar Employee at Work

Be a Superstar Employee at Work

Few days ago we covered the 10 Rules make You a Great Leader, how about if you are not in a leading position as yet? What makes good employees?

1)    Be confident and show initiative. Summarise your ideas in no more than a paragraph and present them to your manager.

2)    Be direct and get to the point; management rarely has the luxury of spare time for random questions. Keeping things simple is beautiful.

3)    Be available for challenges and demands; you may be asked to perform tasks out of your normal routine.

4)    Don’t claim ownership of knowledge

5)    Own your mistakes and move on

6)    Accept the situation if there’s any misunderstanding. Nobody listens to a perpetual victim.

7)    Keep your complaints to yourself and avoid water-cooler talk

8)    Pick the right time right place for the battles – and choose them wisely.

9)    Be yourself and honour yourself 

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