Basic Business Etiquette – Career Networking Part 2

Continue from “how to maximise your chances through career networking“, we have talked about some basic networking key attention points from requesting the meeting to post meeting.

Now we will talk about business etiquette, which is something your school teachers and university lecturers didn’t tell you about. It snot found in any textbook.

Assume you are sitting in your host’s office or in front of him or her in a café. You are about to have a discussion, something that you specifically scheduled time with them to take care of.

1) Mute your mobile – Otherwise it simply shows that you don’t take the meeting seriously and you are not a very thoughtful person. And worse sometimes people have very silly ringtones which often don’t leave good impression.

2) Be prepared – Make sure you have all the documents ready and if you come to see someone for advices, bring a pen and a notebook, also take copies of your resume and other information on a USB drive.

3) Wear something appropriate – Turn up business casual which is the minimum requirement and you will never go wrong with that.

4) Keep to time – As you would have sent your host an agenda prior to the meeting and you both would have agreed how long roughly the meeting will take, please stick to what you agreed unless your host offers it.

5) Be respectful – Don’t go too far, demand too much and make inappropriate request. If you make people feels uncomfortable to help, you won’t get the result you want.

One last note: we all appreciate the offer of reciprocal help and assistance in return; it’s nice to know you are not taking advantage of someone’s time and expertise. 

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