Be Safe, Be Smart When Job-Hunting – Some Quick Tips

It is unfortunate that even today, we must take care when it comes to our personal safety. Safety, whether in a physical sense or informational sense, needs to be protected.

For job applicants, especially those who are applying for positions over the Internet, the risk of identity theft is heightened by the information that you are providing to strangers.

This means that it is essential we are vigilant to take the necessary precautions to ensure no harm comes our way.

I’ve put together a list of some basic tips which can help you to stay safe when looking for work, whether you are searching online or in person.

Asking or Applying For A Job:

This is where job-seekers are most vulnerable, since there is a presumed trust with any prospective employer.

It comes from the fact that job seekers see themselves as the one that will be assessed and therefore feel obligated to provide any information being requested.

This is something that unscrupulous people will take advantage of and is what every job seeker should be watching out for. When asking or applying for a job you should never give out the following information:

  • your personal financial details, such as bank account number
  • your ID number
  • your date of birth
  • your driving license number
  • your passport number
  • copies of your utility bills
  • any other details you believe to be personal

Of course, you may need to provide these details when you actually have a proper job offer or start a job. But at that stage, you will know that the prospect of employment is legitimate, not a con.

Some other things you should never do:

  • pay any fees upfront for help with job searches or training
  • allow the job interview to take place in your own home
  • talk about personal matters that have nothing to do with the job
  • accept a lift from the person interviewing you

What You Can Do

After reading so many points on what not to do, you’re surely wondering what things you can do to keep yourself safe. There is a proactive approach you can take that will put you a little more in control of the situation, and all it requires is a bit of planning and forethought on your part.

You should always consider:

  • finding out as much as you can about the company or the person the interview is with
  • how you will get to the interview and back
  • telling a friend or relative where you are going and what time you expect to be back
  • trying to arrange for someone to collect you if the interview takes place outside normal working hours
  • make sure the interview is at the company’s place of work or in a suitable public place

Jobs With Accommodation

For jobs that offer a place to live with them, always make sure you check out the accommodation before accepting the job. If possible don’t go alone, even if this means a friend or family member has to wait outside for you.



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