Job Interview at 3pm

Job Interview at 3 o'clockAssume there are six interviews on a recruiter’s or HR Manager’s agenda every day.

After spending the entire day calling, interviewing, reporting, researching, typing and chasing feedback, the interviewer will feel so overwhelmed with the day’s work it will be difficult to make a decision.

A decision has to be made, however, and the thinking process goes something like this:

10am – great meeting, good potential candidate, great background

12pm – another great meeting, good profile and experience

3pm – great meeting, great potential candidate, good background

4pm – another good meeting, great references

5pm – yet another great meeting, good experience

6pm – final meeting, I just don’t know


The odds are good that the 3pm candidate will stand out.   The recruiter, HR manager, and anyone else involved in the interview were still clear-headed then.

The 10am interview was too early and had nothing for comparison.

The 4pm and 5pm interviews were mentally like after an hour of cage boxing.

By the 6pm interview, everyone was feeling dizzy and sick. 

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