Do You Consider Yourself Healthy? What Do You Have Breakfast This Morning?

What we ate can stir us up and calm us downWhat do you eat for breakfast each day? What’s the best breakfast before a job interview?

If you eat cereal with full cream milk or a few slices of buttered white toast with a strong, sweet coffee, you are probably snoozing by mid-morning. For those of you who have interview appointments in the morning, make sure you take notes!

Food influences our mind. It can stir you up and calm you down.  What counts as a nutritionally balanced breakfast, and what are the benefits to eating one?

If you eat a healthy breakfast daily:

  • You allow your body to absorb more vitamins and minerals.
  • You take in less fat and cholesterol. High cholesterol levels can cause many problems down the line, including heart attacks.
  • You have higher productivity and better concentration throughout the morning.
  • You will be able to control your body weight.

A healthy breakfast consists of:

  1. One serving of whole grains like a slice of whole-grain toast
  2. One serving of low-fat protein like soft-boiled eggs
  3. One serving of fruits or vegetables like vegetable sticks
  4. One serving of low-fat dairy like a cup of low fat yogurt

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