Don’t Claim Ownership Of Your Knowledge

We don't have ownership of our knowledge

What Goes Around Comes Around

I promised I would reveal why I put “sharing” as one of my major New Year’s resolutions 2nd week in 2013, unfortunately I have been unwell so I’m very sorry to keep you waiting.

It’s fairly simple. I have no problem admitting I am selfish.  Please don’t laugh, it’s part of human nature: we all have it in us. To an extent, I have a huge desire to be successful; I don’t want to be one of the others, I don’t want to live on my reserves, and I do not want to become stale.

To ensure I don’t live on only the recruiting and HR knowledge I gained in the past, I spit it out on my blog.  My audience forces me to look and replenish my knowledge reserves. You don’t find new ways until you are lost.

People often say they love what I write on my blog and that they found it very useful. Wouldn’t you want to prevent others stealing your advice and taking credit for it?

I realized something, though.  I picked up all my knowledge from my career and life experiences – from those people who didn’t mind sharing with me. Why would I claim ownership for things I learned from others?

That’s the reason why open source has become so successful: so many of us have benefited by one simple fact I strongly believe in – if you give away your knowledge, more will come back to you. 

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