How Regular Exercise can Boost Your Chances (for what?)

For everyone, regular exercise has clear benefits. Your body becomes stronger, your heart and lungs more efficient, and you can even have plenty of fun in the process. No matter your fitness level or desire for activity, there is a choice of sports and activities to suit anyone.

But not everyone recognises that the benefits of regular exercise include mental and emotional aspects of a person, just as much as physical ones we are so familiar with.

Many health sites will highlight the need for career executives to exercise in order to attain an ideal work-life balance, from power naps to walking up and down flights of stairs rather than taking the lift.

But even a part-time worker in a retail store, or someone involved in volunteering – occupations not usually associated with high levels of stress – can enjoy real benefits from exercise too, and experience a boost to the rhythm of their working day.


Boosts Energy

Participating in regular exercise can boost a person’s energy levels. It doesn’t matter whether the activity is high exertion like tennis or basketball or low exertion like walking in the park, the increase in vivacity is universal.

It may be tiring at first, but with regular trips to the playing field, courts and pathways, the body develops a more efficient way of getting the energy it needs. This is why even after an hour of jogging, many people feel energized.

Healthy Body; Healthy Mind

We all know the adage that with a healthy body comes a healthy mind – and it’s true. The benefits that the body gets from this new, more efficient distribution of energy involves the faster distribution of oxygen to the brain. This means a person can think more clearly, make more reliable decisions and produce a higher quality of work.

Feel Good Factor

Finally, the overall feeling that regular exercise gives a person is invaluable. It is not just a matter of the physical benefits, where people feel stronger and more energetic, nor in the area of the mind, where people can think more sharply. It is also with regards to how a person feels emotionally. There is a general feeling of happiness, accomplishment and readiness that fuels a person’s confidence.

Of course, even if you have part-time work or temporary work, it can be difficult to find time to exercise regularly. Even by committing to a small amount of regular exercise – perhaps only a 20-minute stroll every lunch time – the benefits can be enjoyed.

Still, if it is at all possible, find time to head to the gym, or the park for a jog in the morning, or play some team sports on the weekend. After all, exercise is as much about enjoyment as it is about health. 

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