Is Shyness Your Number One Fear in a Job Interview?

Are You Shy? Is Shyness Your Number One Fear in a Job Interview?

Too shy for job interview?

Some people simply don’t like people looking at or listening to them. Putting them into a room with a stranger they have never met and discussing a job opportunity can be way too overwhelming. Does this sound familiar?

In reality, meetings at work and giving presentations are unavoidable if you wish to work in a professional environment.  At some point, we all have to get our sweaty, nervous selves up in front of a group or audience, no matter big, and talk.

Here are my tips for you the next time you have to deal with your nervousness:

1)    Be well-prepared. Make sure you do your research and complete everything on your checklist. Besides getting your suit ironed and shoes cleaned, study the company thoughtfully, analyse the market and the particular role you apply for, rehearse interview questions from different angles, and prepare genuine examples to back your answers.  It may also be helpful to write down all your thoughts beforehand to reinforce your memories.

2)    Accept nervousness. You need to understand it’s completely normal to feel a bit out of place when you meet with a stranger to discuss a topic that means a lot to you. Instead of allowing your anxiety to control you, learn how to take deep breaths, embrace and accept it.

3)    The interviewer wants YOU to succeed. HR managers or Executives don’t treat job interviews as a fun activity to spend their spare time on. The recruitment process can be absolutely tedious. They rarely have the luxury of having enough office time, so it’s certainly their desire for you to succeed and be the right person to take the vacancy.

4)    Go though some of my other useful articles on this blog. I share plenty of real stories that may help you make a great impression.  If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment below or send me a message. 

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