Mums: Stay Home with Kids or Go to Work?

Being a mother is the most beautiful stage of life and the most vivid experience any woman can have. No one can explain the essence of motherhood, but there are options available that can help you enjoy this astonishing experience. One of my best girlfriends is pregnant and I’d like to share what we discussed with those who are going through the same amazing pregnancy journey.

When it comes to decision making, there are important issues that have to be considered. Not least amongst them is whether to return to work or stay with the kids. For almost all women, money is the focal point of this issue.

There are questions you need to ask when focusing on the financial aspect of returning to work. How is your current situation financially? Before your child was born, were you contingent on one or two incomes? The answers to these two simple questions will play a significant part in your decision.

Many mums stay at home with their kids if they have other sources of income, such as a regular paycheque from their husband. However, it is important to note that an additional flow of funds is necessary to pay for daycare services if you do go back to work.

What are the reasons that mums should work?

Career Advancement

Advancement in a chosen career field can often be an important thing to consider. Many mums value the opportunities given to them and want to make the most of any chances available to improve and develop their careers. Giving up a career just as it is starting to develop may cause them to feel their efforts were wasted.


Money is a somewhat serious factor. Many couples live quite content with their incomes. However, many mums want to continue providing additional financial support to the family, while many dads find the extra income a welcome relief to the financial pressures on them.


Many mothers simply like to have their own income and the means to buy themselves, their kids or their husbands a treat with their own money. Maintaining a sense of independence provides an important insurance policy against future problems that may possibly occur.


Getting good childcare is quite expensive, but is completely worth it. Some mums pay the same in childcare as they earn in salaries, but regard it as a significant temporary measure that helps keep their career on the right track while also ensuring quality care for their child.

Of course, it is also important to keep in mind that you can be a stay-at-home mother while having a career. Many mums all over the world work from home. With a personal computer and an internet connection, there are many work-from-home opportunities that allow you to stay at home with your kids while bringing in income for your family.

While there are many advantages to staying at home, you should know that there are also many advantages to sending your child to childcare, especially if the daycare comes with a very positive foundation and is highly recommended. The biggest positive impact for your child is the social interaction  he or she receives by being around other young children.

Returning to work or staying at home is your decision, but the points above are worth thinking about. But equally worth considering is that whether you decide to work or stay at home with your child, both of you will have a long and active relationship for many years to come.

Being a working mother requires precise planning and good time management ability, but having good childcare, help at home and appreciation of the reasons for doing it could help to maintain a balanced, happy home.

A mother who is satisfied with her life is of greater benefit to her child than one who is frustrated at being stuck at home. 

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