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If you are about to write up your first resume, then you must pay 200% attention to what I am going to say.

In this competitive market, getting a few seconds attention is tough enough so please don’t ruin it. There are some key things that you shouldn’t do to add disadvantages to your resume with unnecessary materials.Keep it in mind that your resume is (1) NOT a summary of your entire life history.  (2) NEITHER an emotional NOR “up yourself” biography. (3) NOT your transcript. (4) NOT a document that will guarantee you an interview. (5)NOT a one-size-fit-all document.

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The purpose of my blog is to share with you many of the job searching mistakes I have seen over the years. There are some very useful articles in this blog that will help you to prepare an outstanding resume.In addition to that, you can also subscribe to my newsletter for useful career tips, networking events information and market updates.

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