Quality is More Important that Quantity, Even with Holidays

Taking time away from work is an entitlement, but it’s important to use the time properly.

Whether you are a career worker, working mom, temporary staff or a student with a weekend job, the old adage that quality not quantity matters rings true, even when on holiday.

Full-time workers like the idea of taking blocks of time off, even three-week or four-week holiday trips. While it seems like a great idea, there are drawbacks to spending so much time away from the office.

Part-time workers may spend less time at work, but they usually have other responsibilities that make time off valuable to them as well. Unfortunately, their part-time status means they can rarely spend much time away from home and work.

For both full- and part-time employees, a holiday of quality is a far more positive experience than a holiday of great quantity. How exactly can a break be made a quality one? Here’s a brief guide to point you in the right direction.

Don’t Take Too Much Time Off

There is such a thing as taking too much time off, which usually leads to the infamous post-holiday blues. When we return to the workplace, we just can’t get back to the old routine and often end up feeling uneasy, unhappy and just down-right miserable.

The reason can be that we’ve spent too much time away and have set ourselves to a different routine. Two weeks of getting up when we felt like it, lazing on the beach or grabbing the next bus to anywhere  made work a distant memory.

It’s a problem for part-time workers as much as full-timers, and is why ten days is generally regarded as a long enough break in one sitting.

Plan Specific Activities

This is a big problem for part-time employees as the flexible nature of their jobs sometimes makes it difficult to organise a traditional get-away. In fact, working two or three days a week convinces many they don’t need a break at all.

The whole point of a holiday, however, is to get away from the demands of daily responsibilities and concentrate on the things we enjoy.

If you like the outdoors, organise a camping trip. If you like water sports, go surfing. Even if you’re confined to the city, head to a park and fly a kite, or be a tourist and visit a museum, or take the family to the zoo.

By planning activities, you’re more likely to make your time off worthwhile.

Make it Worthwhile

Why is it so important to make your holiday time worthwhile? The answer is simple: it creates an invigorating feeling. If we spend our time off sitting at home watching TV, when our holiday is over, we have nothing to recount to colleagues, no extra memories and, crucially, no sense of having interacted with anyone. However, if we do something we enjoy, we feel as though we have accomplished something.

Think about it. What happens after we’ve had a day at the beach with friends? We talk about it, laugh about it, share photos on Facebook or Twitter. Essentially, we make memories that can last for years … and that’s something the TV or video games can never do! 

Trilingual Career Coach & Recruiter with experience across Europe and Asia Pacific. She is also a speaker for workshops on resume writing, job searching tips, and interview techniques. She travels frequently but you can stay in touch with Eleanor via facebook.com/EleanorHoDotCom

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