Resume checklist – #1: Inappropriate Email Addresses

It’s all about resume checklist again because I have come across something pretty funny and would like to share with you all.

Don’t we all know that we have to provide personal information in the resume such as your name, contact details and email address, do we? Usually this information appear on the top of the page because you want to make it easy for the person who is reading it if he/she decides to contact you for the next interview process.

But remember, please set up a generic and professional email address to use in job applications because I assume you want to create a positive impression when people look at your resume. We are all human and we sometimes do make wrong assumption. Without knowing you as a person, by only looking at what’s on your resume, if your email address is or or, you will never make the cut. I hope I don’t have to explain further in details on why and believe me, this is not uncommon so I think it’s worthwhile to blog it.

We all have the freedom to speak and create whatever email address we like but there are certain etiquettes that we need to follow especially while working in a company means your world will no longer be all about you. 

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