Strategic Approach to Applying for Jobs

Unique Selling PropositionAny serious new business venture requires amazing amounts of both forethought and planning. Developing goals, doing research on your market, creating a personal marketing strategy and establishing unique selling proposition(USP) all need to be done to ensure you will have that extra edge needed over the competition.

One of the most important things to do is actually something you should not do. You should be selective in where you implement your personal marketing strategy; don’t just cast it out in hopes you get a bite. This may seem counterproductive, especially when the very core of the traditional approach to marketing is to apply indiscriminately. However, when you apply everywhere, you are usually only aware of the tiniest sliver of opportunities available to you – and those opportunities are usually the least attractive. In addition, the indiscriminate approach ensure that you are merely one of many competitors, rather than standing out from the crowd.

People who apply the strategic approach know exactly what they have to offer an employer. These people know who needs to be approached, who needs to be talked with, and how to develop appropriate relationships with both groups, ensuring they will have opportunities presented to them first. They know their own personal product and which organizations are best fitted to their needs. Because of this carefully honed preparation and networking, job offers are far more frequent when the strategic approach is used!

Using a strategic approach will quickly show how much easier it can be to secure that job you’ve always dreamed of having, in addition to helping you negotiate the best working conditions you could want.

It’s that time of the year again and I hope my advice will be helpful to those who are considering for a move. For the rest who aren’t thinking to move jobs, it’s the time to think about how you need to manage your career in such ever-changing world before you being left alone without any options. 

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