We have a life chosen for us by a high school kid

When we are young, we are given the impression that we will get enough information to make our choices before we need to make them. That’s what we try to believe anyway, since we dreamed of being 18 when we were 10 and 25 when we were 18. The harsh reality is, however, that we don’t get that information on time.

When we are deciding what to do, especially when it comes to choosing university bachelor courses that could possibly set our life forever, we have to operate on incomplete information. Some of us in our teens have likely never worked before. We get little idea what various types of work are like, yet we are in the powerful position of making life decisions at the age of 17 or 18. Worse, in todays market, there are jobs that simply didn’t exist just a few years back. Who would have thought to be a Sustainability Manager or Smartphone Application Developer or Social Media Analyst a decade ago.

Doesn’t it make you wonder if what you are studying may not be what you will be doing? It is absolutely possible that the industry you dream to enter may be diminished or changed dramatically by the time you complete your qualifications.

Most people fail to find work they love. You may think financial security is what everyone wants; that’s why most graduates I have spoken to tend to focus so much on their starting salary. Funnily enough, the happiest people are often not those who have that desired financial security, but those who like what they do and believe what they do makes a positive contribution to others.

Life is short. Live your dream; wear your passion and purpose on your sleeve. 

Trilingual Career Coach & Recruiter with experience across Europe and Asia Pacific. She is also a speaker for workshops on resume writing, job searching tips, and interview techniques. She travels frequently but you can stay in touch with Eleanor via facebook.com/EleanorHoDotCom

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