What should men NOT wear for their job interviews? Men business attire 2.0.1

You need your first impression to be a great one, not just simply good. That’s why you must understand what men should and should not wear for a job interview. By the time you have secured an interview opportunity, you have already put in so much effort into the process. Continue to pay attention to all the details.

Your outfit should reflect the type of job for which you are applying. I wouldn’t suggest a suit and tie for blue-collar labour work, it simply makes you look foolish, but generally, if you are applying for a job in an office environment or the interview will be conducted in a recruiter’s office, you may want to follow the basic business attire for men as shown below:


From left to right
1)DO NOT turn up to a job interview wearing any colour suit except black or grey.
2)DO NOT wear a white/light coloured shirt if you have tattoos – especially they are right on your chest.
3)DO NOT wear a short sleeved shirt.
4)DO NOT wear white socks with suit and check the length of your pants. Be sure your cuffs hit midway between the top of your dress loafer and the top of your shoe’s sole. 
5)DO NOT wear a colourful floral tie or anything with too bright or bold a pattern.

6)DO NOT  wear coloured belts or anything with a massive logo at the front, no matter if it’s a genuine European designer piece or a counterfeit item.
7)DO NOT  leave home for the job interview if you have not polished your shoes.
8)DO NOT  leave your visible piercings on display.
9)DO NOT  turn up to a job interview with a terrible hairstyle.
10)DO NOT  leave your weekend accessories on.


11)Trim your fingernails beforehand and make sure they look neat and clean.
12)DO NOT bring your going out bag. A decent briefcase or even a new document wallet or display book will do the trick.

One last thing: please check your breath and pop a breath mint ten minutes before you enter the building. Turn up looking fabulous with bad breath is not the impression you want to make.

Trilingual Career Coach & Recruiter with experience across Europe and Asia Pacific. She is also a speaker for workshops on resume writing, job searching tips, and interview techniques. She travels frequently but you can stay in touch with Eleanor via facebook.com/EleanorHoDotCom

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    A good watch is vital, guys should check out this article for some more fashion tips round the office.

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