Why should you have passion for your career?

Passion for your Career?Many of the graduates with whom I work, when they start looking for jobs, are focused on the highest paid position or the role with the fancy job title. It seems that this group of graduates wants to have a taste of victory desperately, but want it ASAP.

This group of graduates seems to be obsessed with success stories about young entrepreneurs turned into millionaire overnight in Silicon Valley, or  dream of being the next PSY with their own Gangnam style. What about the millions who work as hard or are just as talented, but didn’t make that far?

When I landed myself my first job, I said to myself, “I don’t have any work experience whatsoever, it’s fantastic my boss gave me a chance and hired me; how lucky to get paid to learn! I will do everything, I really mean everything, to understand how to run a business and learn from everyone I come across.”

I had a recent conversation with a graduate where he said “Forget passion; I have to be realistic.  All I care about is to make as much as I can and have a great life. Hopefully I will be able to buy a new car next year. I didn’t choose what I love for my bachelor degree anyway because I did my research and found out the starting salary of being an accountant is far higher than most creative art graduates. I don’t want to start from the bottom; I had good grades in university; I shouldn’t need to do boring tasks and I don’t want to feel undervalued.“

Too many people never realize and are never taught that it’s extremely difficult to be genuinely passionate about money, simply because money has no intrinsic character.

Money is important. It brings you a comfortable, or even luxurious lifestyle. However, most people don’t understand that money is only one part of an income. There are actually two parts to income: monetary and psychic. Your goal can be earning five million dollars a year with three holiday homes and a private jet. This can be achieved by reaching your monetary income goal. Psychic income, however, is the feeling that comes from the sense that your contribution matters; that you are making a positive difference in the world.

Your career is not only an expression of you, it’s also an expression of anyone else who is connected with you and includes the experience of investors, partners, and your family and friends.

Having a life with purpose and meaning should be what gets you out of bed in the morning. The rest will follow. 

Trilingual Career Coach & Recruiter with experience across Europe and Asia Pacific. She is also a speaker for workshops on resume writing, job searching tips, and interview techniques. She travels frequently but you can stay in touch with Eleanor via facebook.com/EleanorHoDotCom

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  1. Danish says:

    Great article.Think real success in life is when you are fully happy with whatever you have .

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